General Introduction:
Sinicline is a professional manufacturer and exporter specialized in the design and production of various Hang tags, Seal tags, Plastic seals, Barcode labels, Woven labels, Printing labels, Rubber labels, Leather labels, Hangers, Zipper pullers, Jewelry cards, Sticker labels, Transfer labels, Printed ribbon ,Jewelry boxes, Promotional products, Printed Lanyards,handbag, etc. Our factory is in Wuhan China, with showroom and office separately in Shanghai and Vietnam. Our products arewidely needed in many industries of garments, bags and luggages, shoes, jewelry and accessories, and so on.After years of efforts, our service and products spread all over the world. For more information, please refer to About Us.
Design Service:
Our experienced and creative design team always take customers’ ideas, their brand history and the fashion trend into consideration while designing. By attending various shows and exhibitions, they can hold the pulse of time, catch the fashion elements. Customers often invite us to involve their new season’s design work, many of our designs have been chosen by our customers.We also periodically design new products and send to customers in terms of new products alert for customers’ reference. Shift to Design Service for details.
Quality Control:
We pay attention to every tiny detail from raw material to color difference control, till delivery and after sales service. We have built a strict 100% inspection system to assure high quality. Our excellent quality assures many famous brands’ appreciation and trust, visiting Cooperating Brand, you can get a view.
Stock and Distribution:
We have much experience in worldwide supply and distribution; we can help you in every aspect of logistics and export. Please refer to Stock and Distribution for more information.
RFID & Barcode Technology:
We take advantages of RFID & barcode technology and offer customers a full set of processing solution. This rises up the working efficiency and lows down the management cost greatly. Visiting RFID and Barcode Technology, get knowledge of the advanced technology.
Corporate Culture:
Sinicline maintains the operation philosophy of credibility and integrity, and human-oriented management. To build a harmonious environment and keep healthy both in body and mind is our goal. In order to help staffs balance work and life and realize self-value, trainings, culture and sports activities are held time from time. News page shows you a harmonious and active corporate.
Intellectual Property Rights Protection:
We lay emphasis on protecting customers’ intellectual property rights, trade secret and brand. Goods overage are usually sealed or destroyed, never sold to the third party without the permission of our customers. Confidential files like design drawings, distribution data, barcode and price data base are strictly controlled not to be revealed.
Choose Sinicline, choose quality and dignity. Please visit WHY SINICLINE page, you will know why you MUST choose Sinicline.

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